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Our industrial

Effective industrial tools for the production of material-impregnated products

Our industrial equipment is subject to strict standards and regulations in order to guarantee the safety of products, all with Made in France know-how.

Our industrial tools

We have a 10,000m² industrial plant devoted to production with 11 lines offering complementary expertise.

Lines for impregnated wipes-flowpacks


  • Interwoven and crossfold lines for cosmetics (Baby wipes, make-up removal wipes, refreshing wipes, exfoliating wipes, etc.)
  • Lines devoted to home care products or disinfectants (disinfectant wipes, floor wipes, multi-purpose wipes, etc.)

Specific lines for individual sachets

each one in white rooms (ISO 8, ISO 7, ISO 5 laminar flow)

  • Non-woven dry/lotion
  • Sensitive lotion – free of preservatives
  • Different lotions per dual-chamber compartment

Production line for impregnated cotton and pads

Packaging in jars

  • Make-up removal pads
  • Peels
  • Dissolvents, etc.

Dedicated line for Applisticks®

Production line for sheet masks


  • In individual sachets
  • With option of packaging on the line

Since our creation, we have always been and continue to be attentive to technological developments so as to equip ourselves with the most effective production tools:

  • Controlled work atmospheres (laminar flow, controlled harvesting zones)
  • Cold or hot formulation procedures (emulsions)
  • Integrated R&D, Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories
  • Equipment for the industrial transposition of a customer’s product to our production process

Furthermore, our 6,000 m2 devoted to the storage of finished products, with a capacity of 7,200 pallets, helps to ensure the smooth flow of our logistics chain at the service of customers.

Many formats available for our impregnated products


The flow pack is the most practical packaging and is mostly used for our everyday impregnated wipes. This format is also very suitable for professional use, especially in the medical and hygiene sector for disinfectant wipes. Our flowpack packaging can have a flexible or stiff label, or a lid according to the customer’s request.

Individual sachets that are easy-to-open and with precise dosage. Easy to carry at all times and very hygienic thanks to being single-use, this format is used a great deal for nomadic products that are used occasionally, or discreet products such as personal hygiene wipes, dissolvent wipes, and health products such as impregnated medical compresses.

Impregnated pads. Packaged in resealable hermetic jars in various sizes, they are pre-impregnated and ready-to-use for your skin or for pets. They are also very easy-to-use with packaging that can easily be slipped into a bag out of sight.

Applisticks® are an essential innovation when on the move: they are the perfect products to carry with you. These are padded sticks with a hollow stem that contains an active liquid (antiseptic, eosine, or other skin applications) allowing a precise and targeted application. Single-dose, they are hygienic and easy to carry in their laminate box of 10 or 20 single-dose applisticks.

Impregnated sheet masks. Format inspired by Asian beauty rituals, these sheet masks are ready-to-use and their application helps increase the effect of the active ingredients compared to the application of a cream or a lotion. We benefit from innovative technologies such as dual-chamber sachets and recyclable paper bags..
To find out more about our sheet masks, visit our website

Many formats and various overpacking solutions are also available:
Large format, standard format, mini format, individual sachet or duo-sachet, packaging, display stand presentations, batching, etc.

Our different folding and sealing techniques


Fold (folding in C, Z, V+Z, C+Z, double Z, etc.)
This type of folding offers great flexibility in terms of the choice of non-woven fabric, wipe dimensions and the number of units per packet: from mini formats to large formats in terms of number or size, such as for floor cleaning wipes.

Interfolding allows the following wipe to appear automatically outside the packet. This process makes the packet very practical and easy-to-use. It is particularly suitable for frequent-use products such as baby wipes.

The wipes are firstly folded horizontally and then folded twice vertically. This folding offers more compact packaging for nomadic or travel products. It is particularly suitable for make-up removal, deodorant or hand cleaning wipes.

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