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Home care

Home care

Effective and safe, designed with the environment in mind

With an environmentally responsible approach, Euro Wipes designs Home care products with priority use of natural ingredients, green chemistry and natural fibre for impregnated media

Multi-purpose wipes

Multi-purpose wipes are designed especially to effectively clean all the surfaces in your home without damaging your hands. Be kind to the environment and opt for 100% natural and biodegradable fibres, or even better: products that are 100% compostable certified OK Compost Home.

Discover all our offers of multi-purpose wipes

Anti-bacterial wipes

Extremely practical, anti-bacterial wipes can be used all over the home and clean and eliminate bacteria and mould without leaving any trace.

Kitchen wipes

These wipes are ideal for cleaning all the greasy surfaces in your kitchen. They remove grease and water stains and do not leave any marks, making your surfaces shine. Rinse-free, they have been tested for use on surfaces that are in contact with food.

Dust removal wipes

Are you looking for the perfect tool to remove dust all over your house? These wipes are for you. Handy and easy-to-use, they capture and retain dust without releasing it into the air.

Anti-transfer wipes

Even if you sort your laundry, there is always a risk of colours fading over time: some of the colours run and are transferred to the other garments. Anti-transfer wipes are ideal for taking care of the colours of your clothes. They capture colours that run when you wash them, thus protecting your laundry from fading and ensuring that they remain bright.

Furniture wipes

Whether in wood (varnish, lacquer, paint, melamine), laminate, marble, metal, leather, or faux leather, your furniture is made from materials that require specific cleaning and care to quickly remove dust, fingerprints, and everyday dirt. Our different furniture wipes are impregnated with a lotion suitable for each type of material. They are strong, do not tear, and clean in one go without leaving any marks.

Cleaning wipes for specific objects

Trainers, golf equipment, BBQ... specific objects require a specific cleaner. We offer a large range of cleaning wipes, impregnated with solutions adapted to each use. They easily remove dirt and come in handy formats that you can carry everywhere with you.

Floor wipes

Which cloth should you use to clean your floors? Floor wipes are pre-impregnated cloths that can be placed on your broom to quickly clean your floor and large surface areas. Practical and hygienic, they remove dirt and leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

Window wipes

Cleaning your windows is often an arduous task. It is easy to quickly feel discouraged because of the many marks left behind after you pass the cloth. Window wipes are designed specially to make your life easier and, above all, offer you an impeccable result. They remove all traces of dirt and make your windows shine for a lasting result. They are ideal for all glazed and glossy surfaces (plastic, electrical appliances, furniture, cupboards, etc.)

WC & Bathroom wipes

Water marks on taps and tiles, toothpaste marks on the bottom of the sink, hair in the shower tray, unpleasant marks in the toilet pan. Does your bathroom and toilet need a serious clean? Do you want to make them shine from top to bottom? Opt for the WC & Bathroom wipes. Impregnated with an anti-limescale solution, they are effective at removing all traces of dirt, leftover soap and water marks and easily clean all the surfaces in your bathroom and toilet.

Vehicle wipes

Deep-cleaning your car means more than a simple wash. It means paying attention to many small details. Dashboard, seats, warning lights, windscreen, wing mirrors, windows, bodywork, and more. A quick and practical solution? Our different types of vehicle wipes allow you to clean everything in one go. They are impregnated with a lotion adapted to each specific need in order to remove dust, marks, and everyday dirt without any risk of scratching.

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