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Hygiene and body care

Personal care

Safe formulae tested under medical control.

Hygienic wipes, personal hygiene wipes, humid toilet paper, and more. Euro Wipes has developed Personal care formulae with an adapted PH and free of any controversial products such as Phenoxyethanol or Paraffin oil, that are completely safe supported by medical tests.

Personal hygiene wipes

Whether at home, at work, at the gym, or when travelling, personal hygiene wipes offer you perfect cleanliness ensuring that you feel fresh and self-confident. Formulated with a vegetable-based prebiotic that preserves the vaginal flora, our personal hygiene wipes are free of soap and alcohol and have a physiologic PH for rinse-free use. For daily or occasional use, select your wipes from a large selection of different formulae.

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Refreshing wipes

Do you want to freshen up before going out, in the car, in a plane, or after sport? Refreshing wipes cleanse and refresh the skin quickly and gently. In a handy resealable pack that can be discreetly slipped in a bag when you are going out, they are easy to use for a sense of well-being at all times of the day.

Humid toilet paper

For clean and healthy skin, hygiene and care are essential. Humid toilet paper is the perfect complement to dry toilet paper for ensuring perfect cleanliness. Especially designed for optimised cleaning, they are soft, fresh and pleasant to use.

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Hand and body cleaning wipes

For young and old alike, these cleaning wipes associate the cleaning power of water and the practicality of a handkerchief. If there is no easy access to water when travelling, at school, or at work. Suitable for all types of use!

Deodorant wipes

Deodorant wipes for lasting freshness! Suitable for all skin types, deodorant wipes allow you to clean under your arms at any time of day. Practical and easy to use, they can be carried without you at all times whether you are out walking, at the office, or on holiday.

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Incontinence wipes for the elderly

For practical and quick personal hygiene, opt for soft and effective wipes in the event off incontinence. Formulated with hydrating agents and suitable for mature skin, they clean gently and leave the skin refreshed and delicately fragrant.

Discover all our offers of incontinence wipes for the elderly

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