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Our eco-design

Because for us, practicality and performance rhyme with sustainability and transparency, we have chosen eco-design for our products.

A pioneer in 100% compostable wipes (formula and material) certified “OK Compost Home”, we were also the first to launch impregnated sheet masks made entirely in France with a compostable material packaged in a paper bag! Continuous process innovations for our customers and end consumers.

Eco-design with control over the products’ life cycle:

  • Design & selection<br/>of Materials

    Design & selection
    of Materials

  • Manufacturing & Transport

    Manufacturing & Transport

  • Compostable finished products

    Compostable finished products

  • Recyclable packaging

    Recyclable packaging



Natural formulae:


  • A ” Clean Beauty ” approach for cosmetics and treatments
  • Perfectly harmless natural formulae for baby’s hygiene
  • Effective and safe products for Body hygiene and care, Home care, Health and disinfection and Pet care
  • Always with a high level of naturality and a priority for Cosmos standard ingredients


Use of ecological fibres:


  • Extraction of bamboo fibre, the quintessential ecological plant
  • Use of non-bleached cotton to reduce the quantity of chemicals needed to produce the fibres
  • Introduction of fibres from agri-waste




  • Priority choice of local materials and component suppliers (France or Europe) to limit transport
  • Environmentally responsible factory management that reduces the carbon footprint as much as possible




  • Already 1,250 tonnes of plastic saved between 2018 and 2019 thanks to the development of wipes with a 100% biodegradable material, and the trend is accelerating in 2020
  • Our ambition: to go beyond biodegradability and increase the number of OK Compost Home certified finished products




  • Use of recycled and biosourced plastics in our packaging
  • Recyclable mono-material packaging in existing sectors
  • Recyclable paper bags
  • Our ambition : to limit as much as possible, and even completely eradicate, plastic from our packaging as is already the case for our wipes


To find out more about what biodegradability really means and the challenges for the future, read the article on our blog

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