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Our executive committee

The coordination of Eurowipes is supported by operational commissions organised around the Executive Committee for greater involvement and sharing in the company.

Discover the profiles and careers of Eurowipes’ Executive Committee members.

Olivier HOURCADE – Chief Executive Officer



In September 2019, Olivier was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Eurowipes.
A graduate of NEOMA Reims, Olivier has held several management positions within multinational companies in the Consumer Goods and Healthcare sectors, in France and overseas.
Olivier put innovation and customer and consumer satisfaction at the center of the strategy of Eurowipes.

Virginie LASSAGNE – R&D and Innovation Director



Virginie joined Euro Wipes in 2018 as R&D and Innovation Director.
A graduate in formulation from ISIPCA, Virginie has always had a strong interest in cosmetics and well-being in general. She was initially involved in the technical implementation and monitoring of product development and improvement projects for a national cosmetics brand. She then created the complete R&D development laboratory (formulation, regulatory affairs) for a SME distributing natural products in dispensaries.
Her challenge at Eurowipes: as an expert in the universe of impregnated wipes and cotton it is to design products that fully integrate a sustainable development dynamic in line with present-day environmental challenges.

Bruno GIRARD – Industrial and Eurowipes Site Director



After studying mechanical engineering and manufacturing, Bruno spent the first 30 years of his career with an industrial tool manufacturer specialising in cosmetic and pharmaceutical production before joining Eurowipes in 2012 as Industrial Director.
In 2018, he was appointed Industrial and Eurowipes Site Director in charge of managing all operations at the Eurowipes factory.

Emmanuelle BOULAY – Human Resources Director



Emmanuelle joined Eurowipes in March 2021 as Human Resources Director.
After completing her studies with a Master of Science degree in International Human Resources Management, she mainly worked in the transportation logistics industry for European and International companies.
Operationally oriented, she put meaningful human purpose and close cooperation between our teams as the first pillar of our products’ quality. The human richness of Eurowipes consists in placing skills and human development at the forefront of our company’s success.

Frédéric JANVIER – Quality and Operations Director



Frédéric is one of the people who joined the Eurowipes adventure at the very beginning in 2001. As a trained biochemist, specialising in microbiology, and with previous experience in Quality, he started his career at Eurowipes with duties shared between R&D and Quality. He very quickly took charge of the Quality laboratory and, in 2019, he joined the management committee. In April 2018, he added Operations to his list of responsibilities. His duties are complementary and cross-cutting ensuring the provision of safe and high-quality products and the optimisation of the supply chain’s upstream and downstream organisation at the service of customer satisfaction.

Jingfei ZHU – Marketing and Communication Director



A graduate of ESSEC, Jingfei has previously worked in marketing of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Paraphamacy products for internationally renowned brands, before joining Eurowipes in February 2020.
Her challenge is to promote the know-how of Eurowipes while inspiring the Culture of Customer within the company, in order to develop innovations that best meet the consumer needs and to provide high quality support to our customers for their projects.

Alexandre KHOSROVCHAHI – Administrative and Financial Director



A graduate in Financial Management from HEC, Alexandre spent the first 30 years of his career mainly in different industries. He worked, among other positions, for Lapeyre (Saint Gobain Group) and as Administrative and Financial Director for Alkos Group (a cosmetic industrial subcontracting company).
Alexandre joined Eurowipes in June 2021, and his challenge is to consolidate and modernize the administrative and financial operations and make the company move toward a culture of performance.

Anne-Cécile DURANTE – Sales Director Selective Market



After having spent the last 5 years in cosmetic subcontracting sector to manage projects for international brands, Anne-Cécile joined Eurowipes in 2017.
Passionate with her work, Anne-Cécile commits to her customers with complete support and consulting in the development of their products.
In 2018, she was appointed Sales Director for Selective Market; her mission is to promote the innovations and the know-how of Eurowipes in the field of Skincare and in pharmaceutical industry.

Nicolas SINQUIN – Sales Director Mass Market



Nicolas joined Eurowipes in August 2020 as Sales Director Mass Market.
A graduate of SKEMA Lille, he has held several positions in purchasing and product development in mass retail and in account management in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector.
Nicolas is dedicated to put clients’ needs and satisfaction at the core of the concerns of Eurowipes.

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