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Our products
and services

Our products and services

Our teams, all experts in their field, support you in the design and implementation of your projects.
We provide turnkey or personalised solutions in various categories.

Our areas of expertise and catalogue solutions

Hydrating wipes, baby wipes, cleansing wipes, disinfectant wipes, multi-purpose wipes, make-up removal pads, cosmetic and beauty care pads, impregnated sheet masks, and more. Our products meet many consumer needs. In France, as well as around the world, we support many brands as a subcontractor in cosmetics, baby care, personal care, home care, health, disinfection and pet care.

Large format, standard format, promotional format, mini pocket format, individual sachet, etc. With or without overpacking, packaging, display units, batching, etc. For our turnkey formulae or personalised solutions, we offer many packaging solutions.

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Our turnkey products

Our customised services

- Full-service development
- Outsourcing the production

  • Design


  • Formulation


  • Development


  • Manufacturing


  • Commercialisation


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