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and Dermo-cosmetics

Cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics

Natural cosmetics products designed with a Clean Beauty approach

Cosmetics manufacturer in France and an expert in Cosmos formulae, Euro Wipes has developed cosmetics, dermo cosmetics and facial treatments with more than 95% ingredients of natural origin and also natural fibre impregnation fabric. The manufacturing of these products scrupulously complies with cosmetic GMF (Good Manufacturing Practices) according to the ISO 22716 standard.

Make-up removal wipes, pads and applisticks®

To preserve radiant skin and a bright complexion, make-up removal is an essential part of your beauty routine. Our impregnated fabric make-up removal products effectively remove impurities and make-up from the face and eyes. Packaged individually in a small sachet or a resealable jar and ready-to-use, they are useful when travelling, at the gym, or wherever you go.

Discover all our offers of make-up removal wipes, pads and applisticks®

Exfoliating wipes and pads

An instant facelift! Impregnated exfoliating wipes or pads for quick and effective exfoliation. They gently scrub the skin to reduce impurities and restore radiance. An original, simple, quick and effective solution.

Skincare pads

Take care of your face with pre-impregnated cotton pads adapted to your needs: hydrating, decongestant, peeling and lightening. Regular use will refine the skin texture and prepare skin for make-up. They effectively reveal a vivid, bright and energy-packed complexion.

Discover all our offers of skincare pads

Sheet masks

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, the new type of sheet mask adjusts perfectly to the contours of the face. Its individual single-use sachet ensures great convenience and hygiene. Put an end to skin that is tight, tired, dull, wrinkles, spots, scars, dilated pores and blemishes with this new beauty secret that offers a delicate skin texture and a perfect complexion.

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Nail care wipes and pads

It is essential to care for your nails if you want to be attractive and hygienic! If your nail varnish is chipped, remove it quickly without drying the surface of the nail or the skin. Unattractive cuticles? Our nail care wipes and pads are perfect for you. Packaged in a jar or a handy sachet, slip them into your bag and carry them with you at all times.

Discover all our offers of nail care wipes and pads

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