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Health and disinfection

Health and disinfection

Effective products tested according to the most recognised standards in the field of application

Anti-bacterial wipes for the hands, disinfectant wipes for surfaces, medical disinfectants, and more. Euro Wipes has developed natural or traditional biocide formulae that are effective against bacteria, viruses, and yeasts, but which do not irritate the skin and are proven to be effective.

Multi-purpose disinfectant wipes for hands and surfaces

In the current health context, disinfection is more of a priority than ever for consumers. Multi-purpose disinfectant wipes allow you to disinfect hands, objects, and surfaces, even those in contact with food, such as tables, kitchens, cupboards, or larders. They are kind to the skin for a gentle application. Their efficacy has been tested on bacteria and virus strains, including coronaviruses, responsible for respiratory and intestinal infections in cases of flu or gastroenteritis.

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Anti-callus wipes

Calluses tend to develop on areas of skin that are regularly subject to pressure and rubbing. Shoes often rub and our feet have a hard life, not always benefiting from the attention they deserve. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, calluses can be uncomfortable and can make walking difficult. The wipes are in a practical and hygienic format and remove calluses and clean feet at the same time.

Ophthalmic care compresses

These are compresses impregnated with a solution adapted for cleaning and hydrating eyelids without irritating the eyes or harming sensitive skin. Hygienic and easy to use, they gently remove impurities, secretions, and scabs for perfectly clean eyelids.

Optical wipes

Your glasses are in contact with your skin, fingers, dust, cooking spills, and more. That is why opticians recommend cleaning them every day. Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions. Impregnated optical wipes clean your glasses quickly and easily without scratching them and leaving any marks. For clean glasses every day that do not affect your sight!

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