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Baby care

Baby care

High quality products that meet the many needs of our very youngest.

With 20 years of expertise in hygiene and baby care, Euro Wipes has developed products that are completely safe and extremely gentle for baby’s delicate skin. They contain the minimum amount of ingredients required and are formulated with preservatives recognised for being gentle on the skin and free of any controversial ingredients such as phenoxyethanol.

Changing wipes

Baby’s bottoms have to be kept clean for hygiene reasons but also in order to help protect the fragile epidermis of the very youngest. To avoid redness and nappy rash, it is important to change baby at least 3 to 5 times a day. Baby wipes are handy and easy-to-carry with you at all times and make countless mothers’ lives easier when it comes to changing their babies.

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Cleaning wipes

When children start to move around, a whole new world opens up to them. They can now touch everything within their reach whether it is clean or dirty, indoors or outdoors. Cleaning wipes are easy to carry with you at all times so that you can clean the hands and faces of babies or young children who are avid for new adventures or even maybe just slightly too smelly...

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Humid toilet paper

Cleanliness is not learned, it is discovered and experienced. Humid toilet paper is very handy for encouraging autonomy and teaching little ones how to clean themselves properly. Especially designed for optimised cleaning, they are soft, fresh and pleasant to use.

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Cleaning wipes for baby care articles

The dummy’s dropped on the floor yet again. What should you do? Rinse it - provided that you have water to hand? Remove any dirt and clean it in your own mouth before returning it to the impatient owner? Cleaning wipes for baby care articles offer you a better solution without any need for water. Very handy for outings.

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Eosine Applisticks®

There are always many opportunities to play “nurse” with your child. A simple cut can quickly turn into a major incident. Aqueous eosin 2% is an antiseptic drying solution for local use that cleans and dries small wounds. A ready-to-use applistick® is so much handier for treating small wounds or nappy rash.

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