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Our history

Since its creation in 2001, Euro Wipes has designed, developed and manufactured cosmetic, beauty, personal care and health products.

In a constantly changing world, Euro Wipes endeavours to imagine and continually develop sustainable and competitive solutions for its customers so as to offer products and services adapted to the present-day needs of households and anticipate those of the future.

Our key dates

  • 2001

    Creation of Euro Wipes


  • 2005

    Extension of our markets overseas

    Extension of the site (3,000 m2)

  • 2007

    1st Euro Wipes certification : SWAN LABEL

    Creation of the packaging warehouse
    (3,000 m2 devoted to the storage of packaging)

  • 2008

    Euro Wipes becomes the leading European manufacturer for wipes certified ECOCERT and FSC.

    Publication of Euro Wipes’ first Corporate Social Responsibility report.

  • 2010

    Creation of specific zones devoted to Cosmetics and Dermo-Cosmetics and Detergency

    Integration of Euro Wipes into the ANJAC Health & Beauty group.

  • 2012

    Installation of ZEC (Zones d’exploitation contrôlée – Controlled harvesting zones)

    Setting up of an environmentally responsible approach with the « Euro Wipes formulation charter » for natural, safe, effective and eco-design innovations.

  • 2013

    ISO 22716 certification: 2007 (Cosmetic GMP)

    Creation of the Finished Products Logistics centre

  • 2015

    Creation of new Quality and R&D Laboratories (150 m2)

  • 2016

    Installation of an air-conditioned enclosure up to 55°C.

    Certification ISO 13485 (Medical devices)

  • 2017-2018

    Acceleration of our environmentally responsible approach 

    Through our product innovations:
    – Priority use of green chemistry, natural ingredients and fabric made with natural fibres for all Euro Wipes innovations

    – In 2018, almost half our products already use non-woven natural and biodegradable fibres
    – 1st product certified OK Compost Home

    In the management of our factory :
    – Redirection of the disposal of controlled temperature air from our white rooms to storage areas in order to air-condition our warehouses
    – Replacement of neon lighting with LED panels
    – GreenSheep eco-grazing, conservation of the European dark honeybee.

  • 2019

    New impregnated sheet mask production line.

    Installation of 3,500m2 of solar panels to produce up to 20% of our electricity consumption.

    Development of an Ecosoin certified range for animals that respects animal physiology and the environment.
    And +100% in the number of organic certified eco-design cosmetic and personal care references.

  • 2020

    Active participation in the fight against Covid 19:
    – Development of disinfectant wipes for hands and surfaces that are effective against coronaviruses.
    – Donation of more than 500,000 disinfectant wipes to health personnel and public service cleaning operatives.

    – Extension of the factory to increase the production capacity for disinfectant wipes

    Launch of ecological packaging:
    – First European manufacturer to use paper-based sachet to package impregnated wipes and impregnated face sheets.
    – Flowpack packaging in flexible recyclable plastic.


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