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Pet care

Pet care

Pet hygiene products with specific treatments

Cleansing wipes, disinfectant wipes, care and specific treatment pads, and more. Euro Wipes supports its customers in Pet Care with products ranging from veterinary care products to very specific treatment products for large mammals (horses, cows, etc.). Since 2019, Euro Wipes has developed an Ecosoin certified range for animals that respects animal physiology and the environment.

Pet disinfectant wipes

Pet disinfectant wipes are impregnated with an effective solution that eliminates bacteria and yeasts. Easy to use and to carry around, these wipes can be used for your pets whenever necessary.

Cleaning wipes and pads for pets

Cleaning wipes are perfect for removing persistent dirt and bad smells from pets without a bath. They allow you to clean paws, fur, eyes and ears and one go for the well-being of your pets. They are alcohol-free and are kind to pets’ skin. Available in an Ecosoin and organic Ecosoin version.

Discover all our offers of cleaning wipes and pads for pets

Care pads for cats and dogs

These are impregnated cotton pads for cat and dog care. They offer local cleaning for cats and dogs for all skin types. Their mild formula is adapted to the skin of pets, which is even more delicate than that of a human baby, as well as their sensitive ears. They can be applied gently wherever needed: skin folds, paws, ears, etc.

Eye and nose cleaning compresses

These compresses help to gently remove tear marks and secretions around your pets’ eyes and nose and reduce common irritation risks. Formulated with physiological serum and alcohol and fragrance free, they are well tolerated by pets’ bodies and suitable for frequent use.

Discover all our offers of eye and nose cleaning compresses

Specific products for horse hygiene and care

Clean horses’ coats, remove urine and dung stains, take care of the eye contour, nose and sensitive areas. These wipes, gloves and pads make it easy to care for your horses. They are impregnated with mild, alcohol-free solutions. Their practical format means that they can be carried everywhere with you at all times.

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