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Our R&D and regulatory

Euro Wipes develops its products according to strict specifications.

We offer turnkey or tailor-made solutions that meet our customers and consumers' needs whilst ensuring the very best conformity with international regulations.

An in-house formulation charter that goes beyond the regulations in force

During the development of our products, we ensure that we comply with hygiene conditions and microbiological cleanliness that go beyond regulations thanks to our in-house microbiological control laboratories.

Whatever the product type, we impose a strict formulation charter:

  • We select active materials and ingredients according to expected effectiveness taking into account their toxicological and ecological profiles
  • As a priority, we use natural ingredients and material and green chemistry, with the presence of at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin in our innovations
  • The PH is adapted to ensure optimum conservation and good skin tolerance
  • Tests on efficiency, acceptability and skin tolerance and verifications on the absence of sensitising potential are carried out by specialist external laboratories independent in terms of their neutrality.

Safe products for consumers

We pay great attention to the formulation of hygiene, care, health products, cosmetics and dermocosmetics. Because caring for your skin every day does not always mean some sort of compromise! Especially for sensitive or reactive skins.

That is why we use the minimum amount of ingredients necessary in our products. Our R&D team does its utmost to develop products, not only in accordance with the European Cosmetics Directive No.76/768/CEE, but also creates formulae that are easily tolerated, limiting the use of molecules known for their allergy-inducing potential.

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Our expertise in Cosmos certified natural formulae

In the current trend for organic and natural products, wipes, cotton pads or impregnated sheet masks have not been forgotten.

If the COSMOS guidelines in force since 2017 are even stricter in terms of specifications for all new organic or natural products marketed in Europe, it is in order to protect the environment better and guarantee the well-being of users.

Euro Wipes, a “Clean Beauty” partner and an expert in Cosmos formulae, offers many natural or organic Cosmos products and is constantly furthering its know-how in this field, always with natural and effective products 100% Made in France.

To find out more about the Cosmos guidelines applied for impregnated material products, read the articles on our blog:

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